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A strong network –
a successful achievement

To make a project such as the KölnTriangle a reality requires competent, experienced partners: from consulting to implementation, this network contributed to the construction and marketing of the KölnTriangle piece by piece.

Meet our partners:

Partner: RZVK Partner: Rheinland Kultur Partner: LVR
Partner: KölnTriangle Partner: Gatermann + Schossig Partner: kulturinfo rheinland
Partner: SkyEventConference Partner: Züblin Partner: ABB
Partner: Mongo`S Partner: Grossgestalten Partner: DevelopmentServices
Partner: Dress & Sommer Partner: dreszler-development

The special experience:

Cologne – the city of art:
Cologne is a significant metropolis of art with world famous museums, theatres and the most galleries in Germany.

Cologne – the city of experiences:
Cologne offers great literary and musical events, as well as world famous trade fairs and much more.

Cologne is not just beautiful to look at – experience Cologne up close. Numerous events are waiting to be discovered by you.
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Enjoying the view:

You'd like to enjoy the view from the KölnTriangle Cologne View yourself?

Then you can get a first impression of the fascination of its impressive panorama right here.

Discover the view from the KölnTriangle Cologne View with our film.

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Planning your arrival

Do you want to get there faster?

Find the most direct route to the KölnTriangle Cologne View with

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